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CNC Machining and Turning

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Standard Machining

2.5 Axis

Features and threaded holes from the top or back side only, 2mm (0.08in) minimum inside corner radius. 90° surfaces only.

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Advanced Machining

3 Axis

Features from any side, contoured surfaces from the top or back side, and 1mm (0.04in) minimum inside corner radius. 

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5 Axis Machining

Full 5 Axis and 3+2 Axis

Features and threaded holes from any side, contoured surfaces from any side, and 1mm (0.04in) minimum inside corner radius. 

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Color Anodizing

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CNC Lathe Turning

2 Axis & Live Tool 

Features and threaded holes from any direction parallel or perpendicular to the turning axis. 

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Precision Services

Rapid Prototyping

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Laser Cutting

2 Axis Cutting & Engraving

2D cutouts up to 9mm (0.375in) thick with 0.5mm (0.02in) minimum inside corner radius.

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Painted 3D Prints

PA12 Nylon

Textured and painted to simulate the look and feel of a finished injected molded part. 

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Cast Polyurethane

Vacuum Casting

Soft or ridged parts in a wide range of durometers. Clear to opaque in common colors and textures.

We offer design and engineering services as well.

Contact us for details.



MPD is Machine, Prototype, Design, and Engineering. Our name is as simple and efficient as what we do. We offer straight-forward, hassle free, access to advanced manufacturing to suit your prototyping needs.

We use our online quoting interface in combination with CAD/CAM software to automate as much of the manufacturing process as possible. This helps to reduce errors and increase manufacturing efficiency. 

MPD is your quick-turn choice for CNC machining, laser cutting, and 3D printing.

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Our goal is to make getting quotes and ordering parts as easy as possible. Our automated quoting system reduces the time it takes to get a quote. In most cases the quote is instantly generated. 

To get started, you will need an account. Setting up an account is easy. It will allow you to upload your files, get quotes, and check the status of a job. Your information is securely stored for future re-ordering. 
Need an NDA? Email us or use the chat bellow.

Once a file is uploaded and the job is approved, we begin to produce your parts. Production usually takes 10 days for our Standard CNC service and 20 days for more complicated 5-axis parts or parts that require anodizing or painting. We don't currently offer a rush fee, besides, cutting in line is not cool!

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