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Full-Service Product Design & Development

Design and engineering with confidence.

We have accumulated broad expertise in product development with a growing technology portfolio. From consumer grade to military spec, we know what it takes to deliver success. 

Faster to production.

Our engineers have direct access to our manufacturing team allowing us to prototype products faster.

Multi-disciplinary teams.

We use advanced software allowing mechanical, electrical, creative design, and manufacturing to work in parallel. This reduces errors and accelerates development.


Mechanical Engineering

Our engineers are development experts with a passion for good design, electromechanics, optomechanics, and advanced manufacturing.

Our broad expertise allows us to design, analyze, fabricate, and test complicated mechanical systems.

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Development Services


Electrical Engineering

We provide easy integration of compact ICs and components for easy to produce PCB layouts. High-density to high-power, we are experienced with the latest industry standards. 

We use a proven e-CAD to m-CAD process allowing our engineers to create a design of interrelated parts and features in real-time collaboration.



A good industrial design is key to make any produced product come to life. Good design can define a product, maximize profit and boost sales. 

We offer a full range of design, product planning, concept rendering, and human factors services.


Our past work has accelerated  some amazing brands.

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"What you have designed for us is game changing - this will shape the market... Truly exciting."

Product Manager for a DoD Equipment Supplier

"These look great. It's amazing what you guys were able to develop in only 8 weeks."

CEO of a Consumer Electronics Brand

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